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We all have a brain and a spine; this is the Central Nervous System (CNS). The CNS is broken into two parts; the Somatic Nervous System (30%), the higher brain, the part you can control, to drive , talk and perform higher brain functions. The other 70% is the lower brain , the Autonomic Nervous System, the part that controls bodily functions, the parts that we do not control .
When the Autonomic Nervous System is “off” the Somatic Nervous System cannot be strong.

The first thing a weightlifter does when straining is to clench his teeth together just before he exerts himself. If he is not lined up right he will be weak.

If your posture is “off ”, if you have a structural problem then you will have parts of your body that are adapting or compensating. These parts (muscles) can adapt only so much and so far. At some point in time there will be pain and loss of function.

If you were to put a penny in your right shoe and leave it there for one year. Your body would start to adapt to the imbalance. Muscles shorten and tighten. After awhile your ankle would start to hurt from the increased angle or the pressure. After even more time your knee and then hip and lower back would start to tighten up and hurt. You would take some medication, see a chiropractor, you will feel better for a short while but the discomfort will return. You might start to take even more and different medication because now the pain is worse and constant. You will probably see different doctors because the first ones do not find the answer.

Understand that chronic pain does not hurt where the problem is. The pain here will be in your knee, your hip or lower back but not in your foot where the source of the problem is. After the treatments and medication the pain still returns. You will not get better until the source of the problem has been removed. That is, until the penny is removed.

These pictures show a big difference in poor and proper posture. Note the forward head posture; this puts extra weight on the back of your neck. The angle of hips puts strain on the lower back and knees.

If our motor reflex tests show that you are TMJ primary that means, now, a large part of your problems are caused by your jaw joint or, the relationship between your lower jaw and the base of your skull, your upper jaw. As we treat you this will likely change . Some painful areas will disappear but there might be other parts that start to show up. A long standing structural problem would have caused a variety of issues. Other health professionals will probably be needed to help with alignment and any injuries to tissues.

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