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Before and After Dental Photos - Smile Makeovers Woodbridge, ON

This section shows how new hi-tech composite materials and techniques have democratized this remarkable service by making it more affordable, and available to people from all walks of life. The stunning 'before and after' pictures show how Aesthetic Dental procedures can help improve a person's life. Too often, imperfect teeth have adverse psychological effects on people causing them to be shy or very selfconscious.

With the various options now available with Cosmetic Dentistry, from Teeth Whitening to Bonding, these problems can be eliminated for millions of people who could not previously afford the treatments.

Here are some examples

Is 40 years old and had a “cant” to the right and crowded teeth. 18 months later we were able to straighten her teeth.


Is ten and had severe crowding. Two years later , with braces, all was straight.


Is 38 and didn’t like his smile. He did not want to wear braces so we used Invisalign. It took 6 months.


Couldn’t chew properly and did not like his smile. He was told surgery was needed. With orthodontics and two years we were done.


Is 42 and was told to get her teeth “together” she needed surgery. With appliances and braces in two years we changed her look severely.


28 year old female did not like her smile. Two weeks later with veneers she did.


16 year old who put off braces when she was younger wanted to correct things now. Two years with braces did the trick.